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  • Sparkwest Steel Industries Limited with its Head Office in Lagos Nigeria.

  • Sparkwest has the capacity  to produce 60,000 metric tons per annum of

  • Galvanized Structures from its Modern plant based on a property of 50,000m^2 in Shagamu.
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    As good reputation travels fast, SWAP Ghana also joined our customer list. Sparkwest Steel Industries Limited has serviced also SWAP Ghana, as well as other clients through the provision of BTS towers of various sizes and heights such as 70m Lattice Towers. At present, Sparkwest getting involved with the Power Sector in Ghana in the designing of Transmission towers, distribution towers, sub-stations and other steel related materials.

    The capability of Sparkwest in the area of designing, building and galvanizing steel structures has bonded us with Gridco Company in Ghana. We currently have an enabling business relation with them in the area of servicing them through the production of transmission towers, distribution towers, sub-stations and other related steel structures.