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  • Sparkwest Steel Industries Limited with its Head Office in Lagos Nigeria.

  • Sparkwest has the capacity  to produce 60,000 metric tons per annum of

  • Galvanized Structures from its Modern plant based on a property of 50,000m^2 in Shagamu.
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    Telecom Towers >> Self Support 3 Legged Angular Tower
    Self Support 3 Legged Angular Tower
    Sparkwest 3 legged support towers are  three legged, self supporting towers made of triangular angular elements designed on a triangular base pattern. The communication Tower is optimized for medium to heavy loads which is used for standard cellular sites.

    Sparkwest 3 legged support towers is designed for heights of 90m, and can be easily shipped in containers. Its modular design allows for last minute modification and modules can easily be interchanged according to the specific site design.

    Our towers can be supplied with a variety of accessories, such as platforms, antenna mounts, safety devices, obstruction lights, lightning protection kit and more. All of the accessories can be installed at any desired height and orientation according to customer Specification.

    Usage of 3 Legged Angular Towers:

    • GSM/CDMA Equipment
    • Radars
    • Video Surveillance Equipment
    • Wind Turbine

    Available in heights of 40 to 90m, It is designed for light to medium loads, Available with a large variety of accessories that can be easily mounted at any stage, Designed for typical cellular GSM sites.