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  • Sparkwest Steel Industries Limited with its Head Office in Lagos Nigeria.

  • Sparkwest has the capacity  to produce 60,000 metric tons per annum of

  • Galvanized Structures from its Modern plant based on a property of 50,000m^2 in Shagamu.
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    Telecom Towers >> Slip Joint Monopole
    Slip Joint Monopole
    For light  or medium usage, Sparkwest Slip Joint Monopole is designed to satisfy customers requirements and made suitable for standard single operator cellular sites.
    it is designed such that it can easily be packaged in container.

    Accessories such as platforms, antenna mounts, safety devices, obstruction lights, lightning protection kit, etc are used. All of the accessories can be installed at any desired height according to customer specification.

    Usage of Slip Joint Monopole: 

    • GSM/CDMA Equipment
    • Surveillance Camera/Equipment
    • Wind Turbines
    • TV and  Radio FM ,Meteorological Equipment ,
    • Flood Light, Flag Poles